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Quick Facts Hitachi Construction Machinery

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Japanese construction equipment company which is into the manufacturing, sales and service of construction machinery, transportation machinery, and other machines and devices. It is a subsidiary of the Hitachi Group. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1970, and was involved in the production of Japan’s first mechanical excavator, the company has now become a major construction equipment manufacturer in the world, and it is listed on the Nikkei 225.

 Hitachi Excavator Product Range      

Hitachi Construction Machinery excavators models include:
ZX130-5G, ZX70-5G / ZX70LC-5G  ZX160LC-5G, ZX180LCN-5G, ZX200-5G / ZX200LC-5G, ZX210LCN-5А, ZX210H-5G / ZX210LCH-5G, ZX210K-5G / ZX210LCK-5G, ZX240-5G / ZX240LC-5G, ZX250H-5G / ZX250LCH-5G, ZX250K-5G / ZX250LCK-5G, ZX300-5A / ZX300LC-5A, ZX330-5G, ZX350H-5G / ZX350LCH-5G, ZX350K-5G / ZX350LCK-5G, ZX400LCH-5G

Hitachi Excavators

We manufacture the world's biggest variety of hydraulic excavators, from one-tonne Zaxis minis to 800-tonne EX ultra-large mining machines, as a pioneer in the industry. Hitachi excavators are backed by decades of manufacturing expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a reputation for excellent dependability.

Hitachi Mini Excavators

Hitachi mini excavators are no exception to the rule that good things come in little packaging. All Hitachi mini excavators may be utilised with a range of buckets and accessories to make a huge effect on earthmoving, landscaping, general, and road building projects. When space is at a premium, our short- and zero-tail swing variants are ideal.

Hitachi Medium excavators

Why are medium excavators the most popular among all of our models? It could be due to its adaptability to a wide range of uses, including general building and quarrying. Or their plush cabs with intuitive controls, fuel-efficient engines, and sophisticated hydraulics. Every model demonstrates our excavator expertise, which is unrivalled in the industry.

Hitachi Large Excavators

It's all in a day's work for Hitachi heavy excavators: difficult surroundings, demanding materials, remote sites, and tight production constraints. These 50- to 800-tonne variants were built to work around the clock on the world's most demanding job sites. They embody everything a Hitachi excavator should be on a grand scale: powerful, productive, and simple to maintain.

Hitachi Wheeled excavators

Our wheeled excavators, which are equally at home on and off the road, provide outstanding mobility and versatility for construction projects, lumber yards, concrete plants, and quarries. They are a versatile complement to an existing fleet, sharing several capabilities with our crawler excavators and being able to utilise a wide range of attachments. If you run a tiny business, this machine might be all you need.

Hitachi Special Application

Our large inventory of construction equipment includes factory-modified excavators that fulfil the needs of a variety of industries. Demolition, material management, forestry, subterranean excavation, and slope finishing are some of these.

Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX470LCH-5G, A Favourite

All-rounder with a lot of versatility

The ZX10U-6, Hitachi's smallest mini excavator, is versatile for a wide range of applications, simple to run and maintain, and delivers a powerful performance.

Powerful and compact
The ZX10U-6's short-tail swing radius of 825mm and minimal width of 780mm make it suitable for working in tight locations. With the adjustable undercarriage and blade, this may be extended to 1,000mm. For difficult excavating jobs, it is equipped with a powerful three-cylinder engine.

Manoeuvring with efficiency
The ZX10U-6 excavator features high and low travel rates, allowing it to move around the job site smoothly and efficiently. Because of its greater stability, the lower roller with the outside flange improves operator comfort while travelling.

Transport is simple.

The ZX10U-6 may be easily changed to make it easier to carry, with a retractable undercarriage and blade, as well as a foldable TOPS-compliant roll bar. The ignition switch is easily accessible, and the monitor provides quick access to status indicators.

Model Code ZX10U-6
Engine Rated Power (kW)9.5 kW (ISO14396)
Operating weight (kg)1 110
Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped
0.018 - 0.024 m³ Max. digging depth (mm)1 780
Bucket digging force (kN) ISO 11.7

Hitachi Medium Excavator - ZX85US-6

Exceptional performance
On a variety of task locations, the ZX85US-6 maintains excellent levels of productivity, especially where space is limited. It has a lower environmental impact thanks to its revolutionary design and features, which cut fuel consumption and emissions.

Productivity that is efficient
A powerful Stage V-compliant engine, fast cycle time, and an efficient hydraulic system help the ZX85US-6 achieve high levels of productivity on the construction site. NOx and particulate matter are reduced by the EGR and muffler filter, and the engine runs more efficiently thanks to the common rail system. This not only lowers pollution, but also improves fuel efficiency and lowers operating expenses.
Designed to last The ZX85US-6's tough features, such as the reinforced front attachment and mainframe, offer dependable performance, allowing you to do the work on time and on budget.

Lowering the cost of fuel
The ECO mode and auto idle functions lower fuel usage and noise levels dramatically.

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