Specialist Digger Hire Operating In Wych Cross

For several years, MD Digger Hire Sussex has been offering digger hire services in Wych Cross. Mini diggers, micro diggers and skid steer loaders are what we specialise in. We have diggers that range in size from 0.8 to 3 tonnes.

MD Digger Hire Sussex is committed to offering unrivalled customer support and to keeping our rates low. Our team is so effective in scheduling that we promise that we can supply you with a digger without charge for the day, if your digger does not come within 60 minutes of the allocated reservation slot.

Call us today for more information on digger rentals in Wych Cross, we’re here to help.


Multiple Day Digger Hire Discounts

We have a regular daily rate, but we give considerable discounts for customers who need our diggers for a week and more usage. MD Digger Hire Sussex is renowned within the industry for offering some of the very best and affordable digger rental quotes.


Back Up Service For Our Modern Excavators

Generally, as their warranties expire, we replace our diggers and if not, our diggers are kept in top condition to ensure the very highest service quality. On occasion, a fault will occur, and in this situation, our engineers aim to be on site within one working day to repair or arrange for a replacement.

Free Day, If Not Delivered Within Your 60 Minute Booked Window

We recognise that as our customers work on price, a running construction site has to function like a well oiled machine, time is absolutely everything. If we do not get there in the agreed 1-hour time slots for delivery, then the digger is free for that day.



Why You Should Use Our Affordable Digger Rentals In Wych Cross

Mini digger hire  is offered to Wych Cross by MD Digger Hire Sussex. Our mini diggers range is great for smaller buildings and landscaping projects where access is limited in Wych Cross. It is very economical and convenient to utilise one of our Mini Diggers. The compact size of our Mini Diggers makes operating and navigating across narrow spaces simple. Our Mini Diggers pass into gaps as narrow as 700mm, so they are perfect for clients who have problems with small building access. 


The Best Micro Digger Hire In Wych Cross

The micro excavator, lightweight, strong and enables users to operate even in the tightest of spaces, such as in backyards and inside houses. It is very efficient, considering the fact that it is a relatively small excavator. The time and energy needed for labor-intensive digging jobs in Wych Cross is greatly decreased when using one of our micro diggers in Wych Cross.


Affordable Skid Steer Loader Hire In Wych Cross You Can Trust

Skid Steer Excavators are provided by MD Digger Hire Sussex in Wych Cross and the surrounding area. Our excellent collection of small diggers and equipment for plant hire is made easily available and transported to your site or venue. We have vast experience with an extensive history in dealing with Wych Cross consumers, from builders firms to individuals. At all times, we are delighted to provide a safe and stable solution, and you can rest assured that our equipment standard and level of service is unmatched. Learn about the great experiences of our former clients, by checking out our reviews in using our skid steer diggers and our exemplary customer service.


What Diggers We Provide In The Wych Cross Area

In Wych Cross, MD Digger Hire Sussex has an extensive and growing list of diggers to choose from. Our Digger options range from Micro Diggers to Skid Steers, everywhere.

Micro Diggers

When hand labour seems like it is the only option, micro diggers are great for getting access to difficult work sites. You can work and navigate narrower passage ways in tight conditions. Zero Tail Swing provides better slewing and depositing spoil flexibility and is the most protected against any obstacles that you may encounter on site.

Skid Steer Loaders

Bobcat manufactured the first skid steer loader in the world, and over the last 60 years, the company has built a reputation for quality, performance and reliability. Each Bobcat skid-steer model, attached with Bobcat attachments, becomes a powerful instrument on the work site. You'll notice how significantly improved this machine is the first time you step into the cab. In every way, this instrument is designed to raise the bar, delivering better productivity where it counts.


Mini Diggers

When you really need it, a compact mini excavator delivers the power you need from a small machine. Every machine we provide our customers gives you more control over the work you do for superior comfort and the highest levels of accuracy in the industry. You are able to bring your productivity to the next level with this compact machine.


For Small Digger Hire In Wych Cross We Are The Right Choice

In Wych Cross and surrounding areas, MD Digger Hire Sussex has a wide variety of small diggers, excavators and plant machines. We rent out a wide variety of diggers and machines for plant hire purposes that can be rented and delivered to your site or place of residence in Wych Cross easily. For private builders and do it yourself clients, we have loaned out a broad selection of excavators on short and long term basis. To ensure that you're satisfied with the high standard of our diggers and operation, check out our customer reviews. We've got excavators ranging from 0.8 to 2 tonnes to mini diggers to meet your needs.


Amongst The Most Affordable And Quality Firms For Digger Hire

If You need the finest quality then MD Digger Hire Sussex are the right provider for your building project in Wych Cross. As soon as you contact us, our experts will closely review your requirements, and suggest the best excavator for your needs. Our high-spec diggers are well maintained and have a number of digger attachments. For those places where it would be undesirable to use a huge hydraulic digger, micro diggers are perfect. If you're looking to aquire them for one day, two days, or the whole week, we supply a range of cheap diggers that you can pick from. In addition, you are in safe hands if you use our professional service because we have several years of expertise in the digger sector. We can provide any further info you may need.


More Information About Wych Cross

Wych Cross is a location in Ashdown Forest, in the Wealden district of East Sussex. It lies on the sandstone forest ridge of the High Weald on the principal road from London to the east Sussex county town of Lewes at an elevated crossroads where it meets a road running east to west along the High Weald forest ridge.

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Types Of Diggers We Provide In Wych Cross


Wych Cross's Best Quality Plant Hire

With years of experience servicing the construction, mining, agricultural, and horticultural sectors, MD Digger Hire Sussex is one of Wych Cross’s major independent suppliers of large plant. Operating from of offices in East Grinstead, we can cater for both self-drive and operated plant throughout Wych Cross. MD Digger Hire Sussex operates a dedicated service, all specialising in the specific equipment we provide. Our current plant fleet comprises of many machines. This enables us to respond quickly to breakdowns, reducing downtime and customer inconvenience, thanks to the help of our parts department, which stocks a large inventory of spare parts for the plant and equipment we operate. Because we are a distributors for a number of construction equipment companies in Wych Cross, we are able to offer our clients a wider range of equipment to pick from, as well as tailor plant to the operations' needs.

What Types Of Diggers Are There

1 Tonne High Tip Dumper

With the narrow tyres option, this 1 tonne high tip dumper can fit through gaps of less than 1m wide, making it perfect for sites with limited access.

Alldrive is a model. Hydrostatic 1 tonne Hi-Tip 1573mm is the maximum lift height. 1115mm width / 982mm width on skinny tyres 1773mm in height (ROPS Down) The tank has a capacity of 21 litres. 1000Kg Skip Capacity

1 Tonne Mini Excavator

With greater operator protection, it's ultra-compact. The 1 tonne micro excavator is highly efficient, simple to operate, and adaptable. This is a fantastic tiny machine that fits through normal doorways.

Width: 680 - 840mm
Digging Depth Maximum: 1500mm
Grading Buckets: 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, and 900mm

High Tip Tracked Dumper

The maximum width of this tiny Track Dumper is 750mm, and the length is 1900mm. It has the capacity to spin on its own length, making it more accessible and manoeuvrable in urban environments, as well as allowing entry through doorways. Complete with a high tipping capacity of 1300mm and the ability to easily tip heavy goods into skips.

1.5 Tonne Mini Excavator

The 1.5 tonne small excavator will easily complete your project in all sorts of ground and in the most difficult situations, thanks to its superior digging performance. Due to the outstanding reach at ground level and the ability to dig close to the undercarriage, there is less need to readjust when digging.

980mm in width 130kg lifting capacity is considered safe (useful for site materials handling) Excellent fuel efficiency at a low cost Grading buckets in sizes of 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, and 900mm are available.

3 Tonne Dumper

A tiny three-tonne four-wheel-drive dumper. The Kinglink chassis from Thwaites provides improved stability and traction. This machine is appropriate for general site work because it has a width of less than 1.7m.

Three-cylinder water-cooled low-noise diesel with a power output of 24.8 kW/33 horsepower. Multi-plate oil-immersed brakes that are completely enclosed.
Capacity: 3 tonne Folding roll bar is standard on this compact machine with a width of 1650 mm.

2.6 Tonne Reduced Swing Excavator

A strong and portable'short tail swing' compact excavator designed for constrained working spaces and tight corners, allowing you to safely work up against walls or edges without risking harming critical sections at the machine's back. Groundworks, plant rental, landscaping, and earth moving applications are all possible.

It weighs in at around 2.7 tonnes, making it ideal for trailer towing.
19kW bucket force max dig depth: 2560mm 1400mm width With no speed loss, multifunctional operation is possible. The offset boom can be used on both the left and right sides.

3 Tonne Mini Excavator

With a digging depth of around 3m, this strong yet compact 3 tonne mini digger is ideal for larger landscaping projects, extensions, and a variety of other uses. The main arm can be rotated to dig alongside a wall or fence, and the rubber treads are gentler on driveways and pavements. Fast hitch systems allow for quick bucket or attachment switching.

1530 mm in width 2457 mm in height 2.9 tonne weight (2900kg) Depth of Digging: 3096 mm 4717 mm in length Height of loading: 3343 mm

Small Frame Skid Steer Loaders

Interior demolition, landscaping, underground construction, and any project that requires navigating between dwellings or around tight corners are excellent for the smallest framed skid steers, such as the John Deere 312GR. Contractors that operate on shorter contracts and need to carry equipment from site to site regularly may appreciate the skid steer's modest frame dimensions.

Medium Frame Skid Steer Loader

The majority of contractors purchase a mid-size skid steer because it has enough power for the bulk of construction operations. The John Deere 320E, for example, has a width of only 69.2 inches and a net output of 49.4 kW (66 hp).

Large Frame Skid Steer Loader

Large-frame skid steers, such as the John Deere 330G, are ideal for the toughest jobs. With the correct attachments, these machines can handle grading, excavation, drilling, huge demolition tasks, and much more.

Radial Vs Vertical Lift Skid Steer Loaders

Whether you need a radial or vertical lift skid steer depends on the work at hand. When you need to dig or undertake work that is closer to the ground, radial lifts are the ideal solution. Vertical lifts are best used for tasks that require lifting and positioning at or above eye level.

Hydraulic And Skid Steer Loader Hire

Whatever type of equipment you choose, there are lots of attachment options available, including buckets, backhoes, brush cutters, stump grinders, and more. The amount of the equipment you'll require and the flow of the hydraulics powering your attachments will be determined by the weight of the attachments you'll be utilising and the frequency with which they'll be used. The figure to keep an eye on is the auxiliary hydraulic flow. If you plan to use your attachment frequently, high-flow hydraulics will help you get the most out of your horsepower.


For several various working conditions, including landscaping, driveways, houses and industrial buildings, diggers are contracted out. At MD Digger Hire Sussex, we stock a complete complement of accessories to enable our customers to cater to all eventualities they can face in each job they may be operating on.

We provide digging buckets for excavation varying from 12 " to 24 ", a 39 " digging bucket for grading and an 18' clay bucket for digging in clay areas where it is very sticky, which would keep clay from sticking to it.

Tilt buckets

 Bobcat HB380 Breaker

 12” Digging Bucket

 24” Digging Bucket

 39” Grading Bucket

 18” Clay Bucket

 Quick Hitch Buckets


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