Specialist Mini Digger Hire Operating Throughout Felpham

MD Digger Hire Felpham delivers quality rental mini diggers in Felpham and surrounding areas, we are the industry specialists when it comes to quality products and delivering on time. For smaller venues and limited access buildings, we hire Mini Excavators of all kinds. For domestic and industrial customers, hiring one of our Mini Diggers is a very inexpensive and attractive option.

The Mini Digger is a staggeringly useful device that is simple to use in small spaces, such as in confined environments it can be of inexhaustable use. For those with building access challenges in Felpham, our Mini Diggers will pass into gaps as narrow as 700 millimetres, making them ideal for customers who are struggling with access issues.

Multiple Day Digger Hire Discounts

We have a regular daily rate, but we give considerable discounts for customers who need our diggers for a week and more usage. MD Digger Hire Sussex is renowned within the industry for offering some of the very best and affordable digger rental quotes.

Back Up Service For Our Modern Excavators

Generally, as their warranties expire, we replace our diggers and if not, our diggers are kept in top condition to ensure the very highest service quality. On occasion, a fault will occur, and in this situation, our engineers aim to be on site within one working day to repair or arrange for a replacement.

Free Day, If Not Delivered Within Your 60 Minute Booked Window

We recognise that as our customers work on price, a running construction site has to function like a well oiled machine, time is absolutely everything. If we do not get there in the agreed 1-hour time slots for delivery, then the digger is free for that day.


Why You Should Use Our Affordable Mini Digger Rentals In Felpham

Mini digger hire is provided by MD Digger Hire Sussex across the Felpham county. For smaller buildings and landscaping projects where access is restricted in Felpham, our Mini Diggers range is perfect. Utilizing one of our Mini Diggers is very inexpensive and easy. Our Mini Diggers' small size makes it easy to work and manoeuvre through tight spaces. Our Mini Diggers go through holes as narrow as 700 mm, so they are suitable for customers with limited building access issues.


Timely Service Is Everything When It Comes To Mini Digger Hire In Felpham

We are determined to make sure that you get your mini digger on schedule for your job to be carried out. We recognise that timeliness is crucial with prior experience working in the construction industry. If the mini digger is not transported to you within the specified date and and period, and you do not finish the job on time as a result, we offer a money back guarantee for the booked day.


Felpham Mini Digger Hire Discount For Long Term Usage

Mini digger hire is often required on an ongoing basis by our commercial and domestic customers. If this is the case, you might want to contact our sales department to ask about the offers for Felpham that we are currently providing.


What Diggers We Provide In The Felpham Area

In Sussex, MD Digger Hire Sussex has an extensive and growing list of diggers to choose from. Our Digger options range from Micro Diggers to Skid Steers, everywhere.

Micro Diggers

When hand labour seems like it is the only option, micro diggers are great for getting access to difficult work sites. You can work and navigate narrower passage ways in tight conditions. Zero Tail Swing provides better slewing and depositing spoil flexibility and is the most protected against any obstacles that you may encounter on site.

Skid Steer Loaders

Bobcat manufactured the first skid steer loader in the world, and over the last 60 years, the company has built a reputation for quality, performance and reliability. Each Bobcat skid-steer model, attached with Bobcat attachments, becomes a powerful instrument on the work site. You'll notice how significantly improved this machine is the first time you step into the cab. In every way, this instrument is designed to raise the bar, delivering better productivity where it counts.


Mini Diggers

When you really need it, a compact mini excavator delivers the power you need from a small machine. Every machine we provide our customers gives you more control over the work you do for superior comfort and the highest levels of accuracy in the industry. You are able to bring your productivity to the next level with this compact machine.


What Mini Diggers Brand Do We Hire Out To Our Valued Felpham Customers

MD Digger Hire Sussex are a dealer of diggers from bobcat, jcb, caterpillar, and hitachi, and our fleet of diggers will all be available starting at 2021 models. Our team make sure that we periodically replace our diggers and ensure that our suppliers have operational backups for breakdowns.


If Your Mini Digger Breaks Down While At Work, What Happens?

Our mini diggers are manufactured going forward from 2021, so they are unlikely to have any problems, but occasionally there will be some issues. It is our aim to get a new mini digger on your Felpham site within a working day, if the vendor is unable to repair it on location they will go to work on getting a replacement shipped to you as soon as possible. Whether it is a warrantied digger or an older model we keep on with regular servicing it is always our goal to get the replacement on site for the next day.


More Information About Felpham

Felpham is a village and civil parish in the Arun District of West Sussex, England. Although sometimes considered part of the urban area of greater Bognor Regis, it is a village and civil parish in its own right, having an area of 4.26 km with a population of 9,611 people that is still growing.

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Mini digger hire Service Throughout Sussex

In Sussex, MD Digger Hire Sussex provides a number of local mini digger rentals to the location. Our tiny diggers and dumpers for rent are a cost-effective solution for any excavation and are appropriate for both private individuals and contractors. Our comprehensive choice of mini diggers for hire includes a 1 tonne high lift dumper, 1.5 tonne mini digger, 4 Wheel drive tiny pedestrian dumper, Baretto Hydraulic Trencher, Excavator Mounted Earth Auger, Excavator Nose Breaker, and much more. So whether you're searching for a JCB, a caterpillar, a Terex, or a Bobcat, we've got you covered. Our diggers and dumpers, also known as mini excavators, micro diggers, micro excavators, or compact excavators, are appropriate for a variety of outdoor operations such as constructing foundations for house additions, excavating trenches, and general lifting work. We also provide a large selection of tools and equipment for hire if you require anything else, as well as a collection and delivery service from over 200 tool hire locations around Sussex. We would be pleased to help you with excavator hire alternatives in the Mini digger hire area.

Mini Digger / Mini Excavator 0.8T

Our little digger / mini excavator 0.8 Ton is compact yet powerful and flexible, and thanks to its folding ROPS frame, it can fit through a conventional doorway and overcome height limits, allowing for quick site access. It's ideal for modest excavations in a bigger garden, as well as small construction and industrial settings. Its compact, manoeuvrable design allows it to be transported in the back of a truck or larger vehicle, or on a trailer, and it may be used in tight locations. There are a variety of optional attachments that increase the machine's functionality, including single-acting auxiliary pipework as standard (boom pipe work optional). The Mini Excavator 0.8T digger can operate on gradients up to 20 degrees, however caution should be exercised on gradients more than 10 degrees, and the digger should be handled more slowly. It has a retractable undercarriage that extends from 700mm to 1000mm on the Micro and 970mm to 1350mm on the Micro Plus, and it's simple to operate, requiring only basic instruction at handover.

Diesel Mini Excavator 1.5T

Tracked mini diggers or mini excavators have a strong reputation for their power, durability and reliability. The mini digger 1.5T is designed to produce cost-effective results every time for work in industries such as utilities, landscaping, civil engineering, house building, plant hire and grounds maintenance. So whether you are completely re-landscaping a garden, working on a small construction site, or maintaining a large plot of land, this mini digger will take much of the hard work out of the task. With all the power of a 1.5 tonne, 24ltr engined machine it can dig out large sections of land very efficiently, yet its compact size means site access is easy.

Tips for the user: Once you've started the digger, acquaint yourself with the functions of each lever and practise for a bit before using it on serious work. Although this digger is suited for usage on grades up to 25 degrees, gradients more than 10 degrees should be worked more slowly and carefully. It's a good idea to dig out a flat, sloping place for the digger to sit on while you work (which can be re-filled afterwards). Rather than cutting across slopes, always drive the digger up and down them.

Mini Dumper

Our narrow 4WD dumper truck has a high discharge skip that allows you to dump directly into skips, lorries, and containers. This dumper's one-metre width allows it to fit through small gaps and into tight locations, making it the ideal companion for our compact excavator. It also has a high ground clearance and a low centre of gravity, which contribute to great stability in all situations, allowing the machine to handle rugged terrain and difficult working settings. Hydrostatic transmission helps to provide additional hill-climbing power, allowing you to keep working without worrying about the equipment's capabilities. Our narrow dumper is particularly user-friendly because of these qualities, as well as the simple, low-maintenance design.
1440kg unloaded weight
1000kg payload
338 / 446 / 577 litre skip capacity (water / struck / heaped)
Kubota D905 engine
22 horsepower at 3000 rpm
11 kph maximum speed
Dimensions maximum (L x W x H): 2959 x 1120 x 2483 mm The fuel tank has a capacity of 42 litres.
27 litre hydraulic tank capacity 241 mm of ground clearance


For several various working conditions, including landscaping, driveways, houses and industrial buildings, diggers are contracted out. For our diggers, we stock a complete range of additional buckets to enable our customers to cater to all eventualities they could possibly face on any job they may be working on.

We provide digging buckets for excavation varying from 12 " to 24 ", a 39 " digging bucket for grading and an 18' clay bucket for digging in clay areas where it is very sticky, which would keep clay from sticking to it.

Tilt buckets

 Bobcat HB380 Breaker

 12” Digging Bucket

 24” Digging Bucket

 39” Grading Bucket

 18” Clay Bucket

 Quick Hitch Buckets

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